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Photo Booth Rentals During Covid-19

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Updated on 07/24/2020

A note from our owner, Erin Guimaraes:

As the impact of COVID-19 grows, I wanted you to hear directly from me about the mitigation efforts that Erin Guimaraes Photography has enacted to reduce the risk of infection to my team members, my clients and their guests. My focus remains on supporting Erin Guimaraes Photography, while at the same time doing my part to preserve the health, safety, and well-being of all those with whom we come in contact with.

I think it is extremely safe to assume that everyone has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another. The entire photo booth industry relies on a healthy events industry, and the events industry relies on the ability for us to be able to come together as a community and celebrate special days. As we look toward the future and anticipate what it holds for us, Erin Guimaraes Photography is working every day to ensure our level of customer service our clients are accustomed to is not diminished.

I will continue to closely monitor and assess this evolving situation, and any changes in company policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 precautions will be based on scientific studies and official reports, and any changes I make will be updated here. I can’t emphasize just how much I am itching to get back to celebrating with you all, and I am making sure that we are able to get to that point as safely as possible by expanding and refining my policies. If you have any personal questions requirements or preferences, please email me at and I will do our best to accommodate within reason.


In addition to my usual all-black attire, I and or my Staff will be required to wear masks, and those with long hair will be required to wear their hair tied or pinned up to prevent touching their face and hair throughout the event.

  1. Please Do Not Touch or activate the Photo Booth For the foreseeable future, Only I or my staff will be the only ones allowed to touch the photo booth screen during attended events! Guests will be required to maintain social distance from the photo booth and attendant for the duration of the rental period.

  2. Sanitized Selfie Stations Our Selfie Station rentals will operate as usual, but I or my staff will sanitize everything before the event begins and at the end of the rental.

  3. Distance Is Important Maintaining a distance is important, so in an effort to protect my staff, our clients and their guests, we’ve asked that you and your guest not crowd the photo booth area.

  4. No Head or Face Props We know this is a significant bummer, but there is no feasible way to properly sanitize every prop between guests, so we will be foregoing head and face props for the foreseeable future.

  5. Pen bins for guest books For photo guest books, guests can pick up a clean pen from one bin and put it into one labeled ‘used’ when they are done. Pens will be sanitized between events.

  6. A different way to social share I will be downloading all digital copies to my business facebook page, where you and your guests can either share them or simply save them to your phones or computers. This eliminates the need to touch any tablet surface, and still allows guests to get digital copies of their photos.

  7. Sanitizing all equipment before and after events All our equipment will be sanitized before and after events, and all our boxes and equipment will be sanitized inside my storage facility as well.

  8. No Food and or Drinks are allowed on the prop table.

What we are requesting from our clients:

  1. Masks Please encourage your guests to wear masks. This has been proven by the CDC to protect other people from getting sick if you are sick, even when asymptomatic. This is a really wonderful way to respect your hardworking vendors whose lives depend on being able to work events every weekend.

  2. Set up location If it is possible to put us away from the dance floor and other major foot traffic spots, that is ideal.

  3. Following the Governor’s minimum standard health protocols We know rules are no fun, but they’re here to protect us all. Please encourage your guests, planner, vendors and venue to follow the guidelines regarding large events.


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