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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I have gained a new passion over the last year to year and a half, and that is loving to photograph newborns. I use to be very intimidated to do so. Just because, I would get nervous if they would squirm and cry. Even though, I myself am a mom, its just different when it is someone else especially a clients baby. I rent a studio in Edmond, near UCO from a fellow photographer, that allows me to use her props, backdrops, wraps to make each photo perfect. I love that even though some of my clients I do not know well, like I will meet them for the first time at their newborn session and I will have all the backdrops and props that they like, including the colors. Just to see their excitement of me guessing and using my imagination on how I want things to look is so much fun.

I have taken a few newborn classes to learn how to use your energy to help keep them calm during their session. Also to learn how to wrap them. Let me tell you, this was difficult to learn, It totally looks easier then it is. LOL. I work full time as a surgical nurse at a veterinary clinic and it goes along with the same aspect. The animals pick up on your energy as well. So if you are anxious and or nervous, they will sense it and do everything in their power to get away from you.

Another thing that I love with photography is not only photographing my clients engagements, then their wedding, then the hope is to also photograph their newborns, smash cake and big milestone along the way. I absolutely love to gain that friendship and trust with my clients and be there every step of the way documenting everything for them.

What to expect when you arrive to your newborn session?

  • I will first have you arrive and feed baby. This way, baby will be full and sleepy so that we can get the most pictures possible.

  • I will be setting up while your feeding.

  • Then we will start the photo session.

  • I make it a 2 hour session, in case baby needs another feeding and or some diaper changes. I do not rush the photo shoot since I want to give my clients my best work.

  • Once we have enough of baby alone, we can then do some sibling photos with baby. ( If there are siblings)

  • Once we are done with the sibling photos, we will then do family photos, as well as dad alone with baby and mom alone with baby.

  • That usually completes your session.

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