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Have you every been to a dogs birthday party? I have! LOL

I mean lets face it, we are in 2022, and pets are family members and so why not celebrate each precious years we get with them?

Tuck had a wonderful party and he rang in his 15th year! He was able to celebrate with some close friends (furry friends) and family! The humans enjoyed some homemade Tacos, chips and salsa and we can't forget the guacamole! His furry friends enjoyed play time outside, pool, piñata ( filled with dog cookies) and even homemade cupcakes safe for him and his furry friends. He had the best day ever!

Please enjoy some sweet photos from his special day!

Here is the birthday boy! Meet Mr. Tuck!

Some super cute party favors for his friends!


The treats that came out of the piñata

Here are some of his friends. Taco bout a pawty!

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